Grilled Veal Heart

Preparation and cooking time:
about 20 minutes, plus the time needed for hanging.

Ingredients for 4 people
66 g veal heart
olive oil

Using a sharp knife, cut the heart in wide, thin slices, discarding any veins. Arrange the slices on a wide plate, sprinkle on a few spoonfuls of oil, turn them over to coat them well on both sides, and let them rest for half an hour. Meanwhile, heat up the grill. When the grill is very hot, place the slices on it and cook them on one side over very high heat for about one minute; then turn them and let them cook for another minute on the other side. Place them on a heated serving platter, salt and pepper (freshly ground) generously. The heart slices should be served very hot, accompanied by lemon. Cooking over very high heat keeps them from getting tough.