Grilled Brochettes

Preparation time
about 40 minutes, plus the time needed for marinating the brochettes.
Cooking time
about 20 minutes

Ingredients for 4 people
a piece of lean beef, 300 g
200 g of new onions
150 g of pancetta or bacon in one slice
2 cups of skinless wieners
2 firm sweet peppers, not too big
1 lemon
olive oil
mild mustard

Turn the peppers over a flame to scorch the skin, making it easier to scrape it off with a knife. Cut the pepper sin half, remove the seeds, and cut them into squares about two fingers wide. Peel the onions by blanching them in boiling water for two minutes; drain and plunge them into cold water. Cut the wieners into four or five pieces each, and the pancetta and meat into cubes the size of the wieners. Drain and dry the onions. Skewer the vegetables and meat alternately onto long metal skewers until all ingredients are used up. Place the brochettes on a large plate in a single layer.
Put six tablespoonfuls of oil, half a teaspoonful of mustard, two drops of Tabasco, and the lemon juice into a bowl and add salt and pepper. Mix well and drizzle the brochettes with the prepared sauce, seasoning them well. Let them marinate in a cool place for about an hour, turning them occasionally.
Baste the hot grill with a little oil and place the brochettes on the grill; cook them over moderate heat, turning them only when they are cooked. During the cooking, sprinkle them occasionally with the marinade. When done, arrange the brochettes on a service platter and serve them with lemon slices, a green salad or buttered grilled potatoes.